We teach concepts, not subjects to children ages 6-12


A learning centre with a difference

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Your child is more capable than you think.

Imagine a school without exams, homework or textbooks. Rather than “teaching” answers, kids are imparted the skills needed to think for themselves. Instead of having rows of chairs and tables, our learning environment runs just like the real world. You don’t have to imagine it; we’ve created it.

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"After school care centre...with a difference"

“Simulated Learning Economy”… What's that?

As you familiarise yourself with Kids at Switch, you’ll realise that our classroom isn’t mainstream. It’s a land of banks and shops – just like the real world. Our courses are real world. We are unique and so is your child, so we tailor our learning environment so your child can make real life mistakes and grow from them.

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Are you ready to change your child’s future with us?

Do you want your child to follow or lead the way? Their future is in your hands. Come and see how capable your child is.

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